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Surrogacy is an agreement between a woman and a couple who wants their own child. In general terms, surrogacy means a woman's surrogacy until the birth of a child. The woman who is ready to give birth to another couple's child from her womb is known as surrogate mother.

Is Surrogacy For Me?

Surrogacy is a desirable option that you can opt for in case you have a medical condition that makes it impossible or dangerous to get pregnant and to give birth to a child. In some conditions, Surrogacy (Surrogacy Centre In Delhi) might be the only option to conceive, these medical conditions are:

  • Absence or malformation of the womb (uterus)
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Repeated in-vitro fertilization (IVF) failure

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    How Does Surrogacy Work?

    Types Of Surrogacy Is Broadly Grouped In To Two:-

    Gestational Surrogacy (GS)

    Gestational surrogacy and egg donation (GS/ED):- An embryo which is created by IVF, using intended father's sperm and a donor egg, is inseminated into a surrogate. Due to this method, the resulting child is genetically not related to surrogate and intended mother but is related to the intended father.

    Gestational surrogacy and donor sperm (GS/DS):- In this method, a surrogate is inseminated with an embryo created by IVF, using intended mother's egg and donor sperm. With this method, the resulting child is genetically related to the intended mother but not related to the surrogate and intended father.

    Gestational surrogacy and donor embryo (GS/DE):- Sometimes, the people going for the IVF procedure are in excess of embryos, which they opt to donate to others. In this method, these donor embryos are inseminated in the surrogate. Due to this method, the resulting child is genetically unrelated to the intended parent(s) and surrogate as well.

    Many women start an IVF cycle by taking birth control pills for a set number of days, to help:

    Traditional Surrogacy (TS)

    This involves naturally inseminating a surrogate with intended father's sperm via IUI or by the means of IVF. With this method, the resulting child is genetically related to intended father and the surrogate mother in Delhi. Traditional surrogacy is not legal in India.

    What Is My Chance Of Having A Baby With Surrogacy?

    There are very bright chances for you having a baby through surrogacy as we utilize services of young Surrogate Mother In Delhi who have a proven record of fertility by having completed their own families. When ova and sperms are normal, we usually do not anticipate any difficulty in the process of surrogacy. The main concern in the whole procedure is the age of the woman who provides the egg which affects the chances of pregnancy.

    What Are The Risks Of Surrogacy?

    The risks involved in surrogacy are very similar to those of IVF. Apart from these, there might be a risk of transferring HIV and hepatitis, and hence, anyone involved in the process is recommended a screening procedure. If a registered donor from a licensed ART Bank is used, then the donor will automatically be screened by the authorities of the bank.

    Legal Concerns And Ethics:

    As of 2013, locations where a woman can legally be paid to carry another's child through IVF and embryo transfer (Commercial Surrogacy) include India, Georgia, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine and a few US States. In India, commercial surrogacy is governed by the Guidelines drafted by ICMR; and ART Bill is still under consideration with Indian Parliament. Guidelines issued by ICMR for Surrogate Mother In Delhi, Surrogacy Centre In Delhi are:-

    • A couple or an individual seeking surrogacy by way of Assisted Reproductive Technologies has to enter in to a contract with the surrogate mother and this contract shall be legally enforceable.
    • All the expenses (including those of insurance, if available) of the surrogate mother becoming pregnant by way of ART, during the course of pregnancy and for a reasonable period after delivery as per medical advice and on the child after delivery till such time that the child is ready to be delivered to the Intended Parents, shall be borne by the Parents commissioning surrogacy.
    • A child born to a married couple through the use of ART, shall be presumed to be the legitimate child of the couple, having been born in wedlock with the consent of both the partners, and shall have identical legal rights as a legitimate child born through sexual intercourse.
    • A child born to an unmarried couple through the use of ART, with the consent of both the parties, shall be the legitimate child of both the parties.
    • In case of single woman parent, the child will be the legitimate child of the woman, and in the case of man, child will be the legitimate child of the man.
    • In case a married or unmarried couple get divorced or separated as the case may be before the birth of the child, but, after having consented for ART by surrogacy, the child shall be the legitimate child of the couple.
    • A child born to a woman artificially inseminated with the stored sperm of her dead husband, shall be considered as the legitimate child of the couple.
    • If a foreign couple seeks sperm or egg donation or surrogacy in India and a child is born as a consequence, the child even though born in India, shall not be an Indian citizen.
    • Personal identification of the genetic parent or parents or surrogate mother may be released only in cases of life-threatening medical conditions which require physical testing or samples of the genetic parent(s) or surrogate mother; provided that such personal identification shall not be released without the prior consent of genetic parent(s) or surrogate mother.
    • All information about the donors shall be kept confidential and information about the gamete donation shall not be disclosed to anyone other than the central database of the Department of Health Research.
    • It shall be criminal offence and it is prohibited for anyone to do any act at any stage, to determine the sex of the child to be born through the process of ART.

    How To Find a Surrogate Mother in Delhi?

    Someone from your generation can be a surrogate for you. She might be your family member, relative or a friend, this will greatly reduce the cost of the procedure. Hiring a surrogate from an ART Bank (surrogacy centre in Delhi) will increase the overall cost of surrogacy. There are many full-service agencies/firms which helps the intended parents to meet the surrogates. While choosing an agency, it is recommended to research the history of the agency

    Here are some sample questions for the parents to ask to the agency:

    • Is the best surrogacy center in Delhi responsive to clients? For example, are they prompt in returning calls and e-mails?
    • Is there more than one person who can respond if the parents primary contact is away or busy?
    • Does the firm operate as a team?
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    Sample questions regarding screening of potential surrogates:
    A selection of sample questions that parents should ask includes:

    • Do they meet the surrogate in person?
    • Do they evaluate her home environment or is the screening limited solely to a telephone or office interview?
    • Do they perform reference checks?
    • Do they routinely conduct criminal background checks?
    • What kind of information do they obtain about the surrogate candidate’s prior pregnancies to minimize the risk that this will be a high-risk pregnancy?

    Sometimes, the intended parents search for a surrogate independently. In this case, it is recommended that both intended parents and surrogate obtain legal advice before making any agreements or signing any contracts. A clear contract can prevent many potential conflicts during the process. Intended parents should also research the potential surrogate’s history to make sure that there is no cause for concern.

    Qualification of a Surrogate Mother In Delhi:-

    We have standard guidelines for the best surrogacy centre in Delhi to follow and meet the conditions with respect to the woman they recruit for the surrogacy procedure. Most surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics in Delhi, India require surrogates to meet the following general qualifications:

    • Be in good physical and mental health
    • Have carried and delivered at least one child;
    • Have had pregnancies that were all free of complications and were full-term
    • Be less than 35 years in age and older than 21 yrs.
    • Be in a stable living situation
    • Not smoke or abuse alcohol

    Compensation To Surrogate/Surrogate’s Family:-

    Irrespective of the fact whether you recruit the surrogate independently or with the help of ART Centre Delhi, law requires you to make the payment directly to the surrogate mother or surrogate centre. However, in case an ART Bank, recommended surrogate is hired and safety of your money is assured. It is advisable to you to enter into a financial agreement with the surrogate with the help of a lawyer to avoid any kind of controversies later on.

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